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Davis Dyslexia Correction Methods

How does the Davis method compare to the Wilson Reading Method, Orton Gillingham Method, or other programs aimed at the dyslexic student?

The Davis method is based on a different theory and approach to dyslexia than Orton-Gillingham based methods. Wilson Reading & Orton-Gillingham are primarily reading curriculums; they provide tutoring and support to increase reading skills, but do not address many other issues associated with dyslexia. The Davis program is primarily geared to correcting the underlying issues of dyslexia, but does not function as a full curriculum.

The Davis program is aimed at addressing and eliminating the learning barriers associated with dyslexia, and focuses on all learning issues experienced by the child - for example, Davis would address math or attention deficits and perceptual problems as well as reading, if appropriate for that child. The Davis Dyslexia Correction® program is geared primarily to individuals age 8 through adult, and we expect to achieve major breakthroughs during the first week of the program, and often see gains of from 1-4 reading levels during that week. Of course the level of expected gain depends on the age of the child and how far behind they are to begin with; generally, older children and teenagers will progress faster than younger children.

There is no single best program for all children, and not all children are good candidates for the Davis program. In a school setting, the Davis program should be considered for older children who seem to have high potential but have failed to progress beyond basic, beginning reading levels.

The full Davis Dyslexia Correction program is not appropriate for younger, primary grade children (grades K-2 or ages 5-7), but we do have a modified, parent-participation program called Davis Reading Program for Young Learners that is suitable for children ages 5 and up. There is also a program designed for classroom use called Davis Learning Strategies, which was designed as a curriculum supplement for younger children.

You can find more information about the Davis program here:

Program summarized:


Excerpt from the book, The Gift of Dyslexia:


Information about Davis Learning Strategies for younger children:


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