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Testing For Dyslexia

Form letter for Requesting Testing (Tips from a Parent Advocate)

Paula Flower, Parent Advocate, provides the following instructions on writing a letter to request evaluation of your child:

Write a short letter to the director of special education services in your school district stating who you are and who your child is (eg. I am the mother of Jane Doe) and where she attends school. State that you are making a referral for assessment for special education services as required by 5 C.C.R. Sec. 3021(a) and describe briefly why you are making the request for assessment - - the areas in which your child is struggling in school. Send the letter by certified mail, return receipt requested - - because this will begin a timeline.

Each state has slightly different timeline requirements in which they must get the assessments done and an IEP scheduled, so you should Google your particular state's DOE (department of education) and then go to the special education link and they should have this information on-line. If you can't find it there, google your state's Protection & Advocacy Agency (eg. Louisiana Protection and Advocacy) and track it down that way.

My little form letter looks like this:

   Your Name
   City, State Zip
   telephone number


   Mr. John Wayne
   Director of Special Education
   Local Unified School District
   City, State Zip


   Dear Mr. Wayne,

   I am the mother of Jane Doe who is currently enrolled in 
   Regular Elementary School in the 3rd grade. My daughter has 
   been struggling in school and I am concerned about her 
   educational progress. <i>(You may want to add here exactly how 
   she is struggling)</i>

   I am writing to make a referral for assessment for special 
   education services for Jane, as required by 5 C.C.R. Sec. 3021(a). 
   She may be eligible for special educsation assistance. I am 
   requesting that Jane be given a comprehensive assessment by the 
   school district and that an IEP meeting be scheduled for her. 

   As part of the assessment process, I also request that my child 
   be assessed under Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 
   to determine whether she should be identified as "handicapped" 
   pursuant to that law and to determine what, if any, accommodations 
   might be required in her educational program in the event that 
   she does not qualify for special education services or in addition 
   to special education services. Therefore I would also like to 
   request that the Unified School District's Section 504 Coordinator 
   be present at the IEP meeting to discuss the results and 
   recommendations of the Section 504 assessment. 

   I look forward to receiving an assessment plan with 15 days. 
   I understand that after I sign the assessment plan the school 
   district has ___ days (look this up) in which to complete the 
   assessment and schedule an IEP meeting. If you have any 
   questions, please feel free to contact me. Thank you for 
   your cooperation and assistance.


   June Doe

Send everything certified mail, return receipt requested. MAKE A PAPER TRAIL. This I cannot stress enough.

One more bit of advice: they may try to "stall" the whole process by having you attend what is called an SST, sometimes called a Student Study Team or Student Success Team. They cannot escape their obligation to assess within your state's timelines by having you go through the SST process, and frankly, until they assess, SSTs are a waste of time -- like rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic.

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